Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Aren't Erwin, Chortkoff, Kirishima, etc., in Jail?!!!

This is from a news clip in Los Angeles in June of 2011:

Eighteen people from Southern California and Florida are facing federal charges
in an alleged telemarketing scam that solicited more than $25 million for independent films. 

According to two indictments filed Wednesday in Los Angeles federal court, the defendants lied to investors nationwide and falsely promised 1,000 percent returns. 

One indictment says Cinamour Entertainment LLC took about $15 million from about 450 victims to promote “From Mexico with Love,” which cost $5 million to make and earned only half a million at the box office. 

The other indictment alleges telemarketers for Q Media Assets LLC fraudulently raised about
$9 million for a film called “Eye of the Dolphin” and a sequel.  The film made about $70,000 and the sequel went straight to video. 

The charges include conspiracy, mail and wire fraud.   

The nature of the scams is identical to the operation of Erwin, Chortkoff, etc., yet they are free and living well off of the innocent, victimized investors.  The amount of money raised by Erwin, Chortkoff, etc., I am confident, meets or exceeds the amounts stolen as described below.  Blue Hill Avenue alone brought in $5 million to their coffers, and this was just one of several movies they were attempting to raise money for.  Blue Hill Avenue cost only $1 million, if even that, to produce.  

As I have stated previously in my blog posts, these tactics could be taken right out of the movie, The Producers; raise millions of dollars, deliberately fail to market and sell the movie profitably, tell the investors the movies did not bring in any revenue, and then keep the money for themselves.  

So, my question remains, why aren't Mike Erwin, Rand Chortkoff, Max Kirishima, etc., in jail?  They certainly should be breaking rocks right alongside the guys indicted below.  Same crimes, same federal laws violated, so what's different?  As stated before, I will NEVER cease to get the story out about these crooks and how they fleeced the public.  They are living the high life while people like me have basically lost their life's savings and have had their lives essentially ruined by these good-for-nothing scoundrels.  

Please post your experiences here at my blog if you have had any dealings whatsoever with any of these individuals.  They need to be exposed and castigated as much as possible.  And, again, please contact me on a confidential basis relative to legal action, etc., at