Sunday, March 16, 2014


I feel compelled to add some information regarding Michael B. Erwin.
Keep in mind that he fled from California and left the investors high and dry.
He quit communicating with the investors after he got what he wanted
out of them - their money.

The first piece of information is geographical.  That is, I would like to share
Michael B. Erwin's home address with the world.  After all, it is a showplace
financed, no doubt, largely by fleeced investors. So, it's only right to share
the location of this property with anyone and everyone who might be curious
just what my money has purchased as well as that of so many other fleece
investors.  Here is the address: 1581 Sterling Creek Road, Jacksonville,
OR  97530.

The second piece of information has to do with the sheltering of confiscated
investor money by Michael B. Erwin.  A trusted and reliable source has
divulged that ill-gotten gains are being kept in a trust in his wife,
Michelle M. Erwin's, name.

The third piece of information has to do with Michael B. Erwin's stealing
of investor profits from foreign film sales of Blue Hill Avenue through a
company called Imageworks.  Apparently, he took the entire amount of
$150,000 which had accumulated.  No mention of any formal relationship
with Imageworks was ever made known to the investors nor any knowledge
revealed of any profits realized through Imageworks.  There is another
company called Atmosphere that apparently was engaged in foreign sales
of the film Cahoots which I also invested in.  It is unknown if any profits were
made off of that film or what may have become of the money if there were sales.    

An additional bit of information from a reliable source involves Michael B. Erwin
claiming to now be working with Mark Ford in his movie production endeavors
and/or other questionable pursuits.  Whether this is factual or just another
fabrication by Michael B. Erwin is uncertain.  In any event, if you are contacted
by Erwin, he is likely to make this partnership claim.  Just a heads-up.  

Additional knowledge will be added from time to time regarding all people
and aspects of the movie fraud featured in this blog.  Stay tuned.

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