Sunday, April 20, 2014


UPDATE:  BHA has been removed from the Internet for
licensing reasons.

The public now too can view the movie Blue Hill Avenue online
produced by scamsters and funded by fleeced investors - for free!
Here is the link:

While the "producers" have enjoyed their ill-gotten gain from
the movie's proceeds, those of us who were deliberately deceived
and innocently bought into the lies and deception perpetrated by
the likes of Michael B. Erwin, J. Max Kirishima, Rand Chortkoff
(currently under indictment), and Chortkoff's minions, including
Steve Canino, etc., have been sadly left behind to struggle and
attempt to survive in the wake of destruction created by these
fraudsters and thugs.

There really are no words strong enough to describe the depth
of disdain for these individuals or the level of disgust that exists due to the financial disaster they are directly responsible for in so many lives. My wish is that they be forever taunted and tortured by the reality of their dirty deeds and evil doings.  May they NEVER have peace or enjoy rest either here on earth or in the hereafter.

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