Monday, May 2, 2016

Update on Status of Defendant Chortkoff in SEC Case

Good News!!! Apparently, the judge in the SEC case has determined
that the Chortkoff Estate should be substituted for deceased defendant
Rand Chortkoff. Below is the email I received from the SEC attorney today.
Further updates will be posted as the SEC case progresses.

I just received notice today that the Court has ruled in our favor and allowed us to substitute the Chortkoff Estate for the deceased Rand Chortkoff.  As a practical matter, that means that our action can proceed against the Estate.  It is not a final determination that Mr. Chortkoff or his estate is liable – it simply means we can attempt to demonstrate that Mr. Chortkoff defrauded investors and, if we succeed in proving that,  that we can hold his Estate liable for any harm that he caused.

Peter Del Greco

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