Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Info on Braslau & Chortkoff Estate Matters - 2/24/17

In response to my inquiry of 2/24/17 to SEC attorney Peter DelGreco requesting any information as to formal decisions being issued relative to Braslau and the Chortkoff Estate, I received the following:

DelGreco, Peter F.

No bother at all.  The court took the hearing that was scheduled for February 13 off calendar and announced it will issue a decision on the papers alone.  The Chortkoff Estate did not file any opposition papers so that bodes well for us.  But as to when the court will issue it’s decision, your guess is as good as mine.  The short answer is:  When it feels like doing so.  As Mel Brooks said in “History of the World”:  “It’s good to be the king!”

This is from the SEC attorney regarding the Braslau and Chortkoff hearings on 2/13/17:

DelGreco, Peter F.

The Court took the hearing off calendar and said it will issue a decision on the papers. (I assume this refers to the Braslau matter requesting a shortened prison term.)  The Chortkoff Estate ultimately did not oppose our motion, so I would be very, very surprised if we did not prevail.  But until the court issues its order . . .

Updates forthcoming!  

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